Sales Leadership Series

Bernadette discusses some Sales Leadership tips in this Sales Leadership video series, which will help you think about the way you go to market.

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How To Eliminate Salesperson Underperformance in a Single Heartbeat!

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What To Do After You Make An Appointment!

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Are you a square leadership peg in a round sales hole?

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How Money Can Make The Deal Go Wrong!

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What The Challenger Sale Really Means To You!

What NOT to do when delivering a proposal, doing a dem or offering a trial.

What one of the MOST important ‘closing’ questions are that NOT MANY salespeople ask.

How to stop talking about you, your product or service.

A game-changing and thought provoking question for your buyer… it gets them thinking harder….

How much of a brave sales leader are you?

Have you got the right salespeople in your business?

Use this one word when making an appointment with a new prospect.