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What makes our screening process so unique?

Are you clear on the criteria you want in a salesperson, sales leader or yes, even VP of Sales? We can help you do that by assisting you with the criteria and the screening. We will make sure you don’t hire someone who shows up at an interview one way only never to be seen again once they have the role.  Calculate the cost of hiring the wrong person here.

Salespeople have an uncanny knack of being able to ‘sell’ us through their CV process and their interviewing skills. We remove the masks and uncover who you are really speaking with.

Using cutting edge ‘Predictive Validity’, our screening process correlates to specific criteria around the role at hand and has been especially designed for sales and sales leadership roles.

This means that 95% of the candidates who were recommended for hiring and employed by their respective companies were viewed as successful. This is based on research by our partner, The Objective Management Group.

Predictive validity, whilst a higher investment than a personality profiling tool such as E-DISC will accurately predict sales success to within that percentage.  This means your ROI is well and truly proven.

Once screening has been undertaken, we select those we see fit to progress to the next level of interview process. This phone interview tests the calibre of person through a series of deliberate and challenging questions from which we filter and forward the best of the best to our client.

Please contact us now for a preliminary discussion on how we can help you find the 95% near perfect candidate or calculate the cost of hiring the wrong person here. Guaranteed.

Please note: Whilst we are also accredited in E-DISC, this evaluates the person on ‘social’ skills and attributes. The OMG Screening and Evaluations measures them on their ‘selling’ skills. For example, you may have a strong ‘D’ candidate in place for a ‘hunter’ role showing in the E-DISC profiling results, but that person may be sub par at building relationships or even have detrimental money beliefs. Which will impact sales results more?