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Kim Mastrowicz, Director of The Main Event, a leading national event management consultancy responsible for some of Australia’s major sporting events, government based events and the Melbourne Business Awards, wanted to streamline her business, gain more clarity around her outcomes and reassess and redefine the changes she needed to make in the business and with her team to continue her steady growth. She decided to engage Bernadette to help her develop a marketing program that would tighten the messaging within her existing outreach efforts, as well as put into place new digital processes to improve her ability to monitor effectiveness.


After engaging Bernadette, within a short period of time, The Main Event team was able to:
  • Redefine Messaging – For all events being promoted, as well as work one-on-one with team members to ensure future messaging had a more targeted approach. New messaging resulted in a boost in attendance within the first 60 days.
  • Content Development – Helped provide new content for a variety of marketing materials to help increase effectiveness with target audiences (sponsors, attendees, etc.). New content brought in a record number of sponsors within the first 90 days.
  • Digital Campaigns – Helped create internal digital campaigns to help identify and target individuals that would benefit their events. This campaign strategy was also utilized for general outreach purposes –attracting new groups of attendees to their events.


“Bernadette has been a fantastic resource to our business, contributing in so many different ways, helping us win business and cement solid new relationships and partnerships as well.”