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Rainbird Australia, a global leader in the manufacture of irrigation hardware and software, have recently gone through the process of innovating their approach to market. With a fairly new team, they wanted to streamline their messaging and commercial conversations in such a way that the new hires and the veterans continued to improve their revenue growth. Approaching 3 Red Folders, they wanted a framework that was affordable, fresh and totally relevant to their sales environment and aligned to their strategic needs.

Both sides of the business – Golf and Councils were brought together with the focus being on accelerating the sale through a heightened sense of urgency, shortening time to market as well as positioning themselves as a respected industry resource within their respective fields.


Immediately after the initial engagement, a competitor was displaced from an account as a result of the qualification process adopted by one salesperson. One week after the training, another salesperson turned his entire sales presentation inside out and had one of the best outcomes ever by instantly instantly became a front runner in this sale for a large project. A salesperson who was always resistant to asking the hard questions realised the impact his belief around relationships had on his sales conversions and is keener than ever to adapt his approach.

From a corporate perspective, a new standard for in-house accountability and training has now been set so that momentum is not lost and Rainbird continue to lead their environment.


“Even the old heads enjoyed the training saying it was one of the best they had attended, that it was beneficial and enlightening. What I really liked was that nobody said or intimated that they ‘had heard it before’ or ‘that it was a waste of my time’. It was positioned extremely well and we would like to continue discussions with 3 Red Folders into next year”
Socrates Cromdos

National Sales Manager