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Mark Johnson, Group Director, PIMS knew it was time to reinvent the way the business was running and the major trigger for change was that the quality of problems the business now faced had changed. As a result, the way they addressed this change needed to be different –they brought Bernadette McClelland to lead them through this transition.

Bernadette utilized her expertise to:


Bernadette’s new approach, and change management considerations every step of the way, inspired their internal teams to reach unprecedented level of productivity and results.

Johnston continued to work with Bernadette for a three year period and through discussions and utilising the tools provided, The 4 Quadrant Review, 360 Feedback, CFO Scorecard, RPM and others the business grew from a 7.4 million dollar company that relied on word of mouth to achieving over $40 million dollars through successful tender and commercial proposal submissions.

  • Conduct baseline assessments to understand where they were and what specific steps were necessary to reach their goals.
  • Develop dashboards in order to monitor qualitative and quantitative progress towards the corporate objective.
  • Define specific timelines and resource planning in order to coordinate and forecast when and how the desired outcome would be achieved.
  • Provide both management and executive coaching to ensure communication that would lead to successful adoption of new approaches.


‘Working with Bernadette gave us the edge with our internal clients and our external clients. Bernadette brought refinement and distinction to our organisation. Being able to bounce ideas anywhere from HR Issues, to sales proposals to distinctions around parenting even!!! She truly wants you to succeed’. Her ability to adapt to a mining environment discussion with its unique challenges and cater to time zone differences and last minute delays was critical for this relationship to continue. I get the best, and Bernadette did a damn good job as the best!”