3 Red Folders, Bernadette McClelland


The Leadership Team at Northwest Pest Control wanted to introduce new sales concepts and reinvigorate their sales teams to further expand sales residential, commercial and real estate market. This was critical to help them continue their forecasted growth for the next 3-5 years. Bernadette McClelland was recruited to speak to 40 of their top salespeople in order to jumpstart results across the organization through their top performers.


The workshop was followed by a year of growth for the organization – driven primarily through the top performers that attended Bernadette’s session. After first year results, Bernadette was brought to Northwest again to speak to their broader sales team. Furthermore, her teachings have been incorporated into Northwest Pest Control sales training optimization materials that are used throughout the organization.


“This year we invited Bernadette to come back for the second time to do a workshop for our 40 person sales team. We noticed that Bernadette quickly helped to change the thinking within our sales team which was evidenced by teammates immediately being able to secure more upsell opportunities.

Overall, Bernadette helped our teammates to lead more effective discovery meetings with prospects and better communicate our mission of creating healthier living and working environments. This has resulted in more effective alignment of the prospect’s needs and our company’s lineup of core and non-core service offerings – a big win for growth.”