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After a successful launch of a brand new, cutting edge online program for the Dangerous Goods Industry and realizing that the expectations for sales exceeded the reality, management at DG Trainer realized they needed help to bridge the gap.

After hearing Bernadette McClelland present at the CEO Institute on Business Growth Through Modern Day Sales Leadership, it was a no brainer. What they didn’t want was a salesperson to front up and sell them. Instead they wanted someone to demonstrate a clear understanding of their issues, verbalise and document their challenges, create a plan and help implement it.


In doing that, Bernadette undertook win/loss reviews and voice of the customer surveys that helped articulate their real value to the market, she accompanied management on strategic visits to demonstrate exploration within a commercial conversation and the initial sales results showed, by default, a 100% increase in program enrolments, new conversations to have with potential companies and key, elevated relationships. In addition, the tools and approaches flowed over to the two other related businesses in the group – Hazpak and Falcoln Engineering.


“Metrics were not our driving force. What was key to us was creating the baseline, delivering a customized tool set and having someone guide us toward executing on these tools. We have a high level of admiration and utter confidence in Bernadette’s partnering with us and continue to work with her”
John Donkers
Managing Director
DG Trainer, Hazpak and Falcoln Engineering