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CSF needed to create an ‘everyone sells high performing culture’ and after hearing Bernadette at speak at a breakfast on the same topic and given the changes around superannuation and financial services, they knew they needed to do something different to create a competitive advantage in the market. With new team members plus a lagging growth trajectory, upselling services was key. Some challenges included leveraging the strengths of ‘service based’ backgrounds and introducing a less familiar commercial approach as well as addressing the dichotomy of job comfort versus job effectiveness.



We worked with both the individual leadership team and broader team across business growth, personal marketing and branding, as well as ensured the corporate message was delivered at all times. This included undertaking a Voice of The Customer exercise to understand the business and personal value given and received to clients as well as undertaking a deep dive into their own internal Role Clarity. Respecting the fact that no traditional sales KPIs were used to measure individuals, KPA’s (key performance activities) were very important to identify and measure outcomes which contributed to accountability standards. With the financial planners, super specialists and leaders having a greater level of acumen in leading a commercial conversation aligned to the CSF culture, business outcomes increased by 30% in some areas.  With growth and retention a key focus, we also successfully broke into new channels, such as aged care.


“Bernadette’s style suited the culture of CSF and because of this we collaborated over a twelve-month period, with results being seen in new markets created, greater role clarity within our leaders, call centre strategies that made a greater impact, higher NPS scores, 30% revenue growth and a culture where everyone was more commercially attuned. I truly valued Bernadette’s input and professionalism”.

Emily Wooden, Chief Operating Officer,  Catholic Super

I appreciated the support given to me by Bernadette McClelland over the last few months. She helped me to stay on target, achieve my set goals week by week and provided me with strategies and tools to work through any of my challenges. I highly recommend her services.

Pinar Altinova, Growth Lead – Strategy and Innovation, Catholic Super