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GDR Group P/L in Sydney approached Bernadette McClelland of 3 Red Folders in Melbourne to review their company’s growth. With conversion rates below 50% and a growing sales team, GDR was forced to think of innovative ways to capture new opportunities within its market. To add to the complexity, their sales process wasn’t very strong which not only impacted the achievement of KPIs, but the ownership, confidence and clarity of the team to have solid commercial sales conversations.


In a commodity market, being able to turn a price driven conversation into one of value by tweaking existing conversations was adopted through ongoing group coaching and role plays via Skype. By creating accountability, key performance activities and a coaching methodology for ROI we were able to address the skill set, match the buying process with a new sales process and identify a value baseline from a customer perspective. The confidence of the staff grew incredibly.



Bernadette has been an outstanding support to me as a business owner and provided me with strategic advice and professional guidance that enabled me to move through difficult times over the past 12 months in my business.

I commend her on her professionalism, her ability to focus totally on the issues related to my business and provide me with excellent insight on how to see through the forest to find the trees and regain confidence and clarity.
She is an extremely warm person who relates genuinely to you.

I highly recommend her to anyone seeking advice in managing and running their own business or people who are managers.

Thank you for your ongoing stewardship of me and my business Bernadette. It is a real pleasure knowing and working with you.”

Daizy Gedeon

CEO, Managing and Creative Director, GDR