Increase Your Executive Prescence

We all want to work hard, do our best and be given a fair go but this isn’t always the case. As women who are in business we must be able to influence ourselves, and others, especially if our business relies on us selling our ideas to others, our services to client or our products to other businesses.  We must increase our executive presence and that begins with mastering influence.


3 Red Folders, Bernadette McClelland

Mastering Influence - Toolkit for Women Who Sell

It is said over and over again – women are better communicators, are more nurturing, have deeper levels of connection with others and are better listeners. That gives us a head start in many areas. In business, though, it is still an area where the rules for success include being more assertive, more results focussed and more outspoken.

Increasing our ability to me more influential instead and elevate our executive presence is what this interactive, experiential half day workshop, will offer you.

The benefits of joining us on this program include the following:

  • Identify the six levels of Influence and workshop strategies to use them so they become part of your day to day regime
  • Learn how to embrace your own levels of intelligence and embody that certainty to step up into ‘scary’ situations
  • Identify the parts of your, your different personalities, that are getting in your way of you achieving your outcomes
  • Create your brand identity and define your ‘brand promise and market message’ so as to show up with confidence
  • Elevate your reputation so you can achieve the outcomes you deserve and create relationships that strengthen your journey.Mastering Influence for Women Who Sell is a one day program that addresses the teachings of Robert Cialdini and Anthony Robbins. Bernadette McClelland, having worked with and studied both bodies of work believes these will allow any woman to step up, show up and speak up with more confidence, clarity and conviction.

This is suitable for anyone in an existing leadership role, management position or aspiring leader where influence, inspiration and collaboration are key.

Also suitable for salespeople, business owners and customer service staff.

One Day Program that includes activities, theory, adult learning, workbooks, coaching cards and a six week follow up series. The opportunity to undertake a 360 Feedback Assessment to identify feedback from different stakeholders is also available.

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