Bravery @ Work - The Psychology of Selling

Statistics show* that success in sales related roles, whether they be Inside Sales or Field Sales, is determined by four competencies and five hidden human weaknesses we are all impacted by in one shape or another. With 95% predictive validity the system we use will help you and/or your team identify where they sit in relation to these 9 areas and switch them up like never before.
3 Red Folders, Bernadette McClelland

Bravery@Work – The Psychology of Selling:  One and A Half Day/9 Skill Sets To Outstanding Results

Unleash untapped potential and objectively determine those who are costing you

It is vital for sales people and sales leaders to understand the art AND science of sales – what is necessary to support the sales effort and what you need to do as a salesperson/leader to drive improved sales performance through your own sales process.

This program focusses on winning and retaining business consistently while being aligned to your values as a Respected Industry Resource.

The two key pillars of the Psychology of Sales Model will be explored:

  •  the mindset required to help you win business
  • the skillsets required to help you to consistently win business

In this one and a half day sales growth workshop, we will take you through a specific and proven step-by-step business growth process providing an understanding of the “Psychology of Sales” – how and why people make buying decisions and how you can be more influential in driving these buying decisions by dancing within a conversational framework. The program will present a number of new tools to drive exponential growth:

1. Values, Beliefs and Rules: how our perception of the sales role influences our commercial behaviour.

2. The Psychology of Buyer Satisfaction: understanding how people buy and the triggers that impact their decisions and your revenue generating outcomes.

3. Building Rapport: establishing trust on a conscious and subconscious level allowing the smooth transition from surface to business talk with different personalities.

4. Transitioning from small talk to business talk – Knowing how to position your value proposition and unique selling proposition

5. Questioning Types and Sequence: using proven techniques to inspire a win/win outcome.

6. Motivational Thinking Styles: Identify and leverage 3 powerful thinking styles that motivate your buyer and two behavioural styles they exhibit.

7. Tension Building Questions: Build your own specific questions to align to your buyer’s motivational styles far surpassing feature, advantage, benefit.

8. Emotional Criteria Questions: Discover how to establish the most important thing to any buyer proving price is never the most important factor .

9. Gaining Commitment: Moving both parties toward the next logical step in a relevant and elegant way.


Our face-to-face program will provide your sales team with a number of new and logical understandings.

To do this it is necessary to take them on a journey. It is vitally important that they understand their own sales environment before being receptive to these new ideas because we pivot of your specific scenarios.

Our approach is interactive with a high level of participation from the group, using their own real life situations to bring these new and powerful principles to life. We look forward to accelerating your sales.

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