If you are a CEO or Business Owner and want your business to be in pole position ...

We will shift the way your people approach their sales conversations.

Less than 50% of businesses are reaching target, talent is getting harder and harder to hold onto and the economy today is more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous than ever before (VUCA). Businesses need to review the growth of their people in conjunction with their pipeline and not just metrics in isolation.

If you are a Leader wanting to unlock the potential of your revenue generating staff...

We will ensure they take full responsibility for their results from a mindset and skillset perspective.

Leaders today have to be more than managers. They are responsible for the growth of their people and with that comes a different mindset and approach. We work with leaders who are open to new ways of business growth that are more aligned with the era of connection vs command and control.

If you are wanting to increase the number of women in sales and sales leadership roles...

We have approaches that will elevate the star power of that female talent.

We've heard the argument for more women in sales roles and more women in sales leadership roles. As women, we aren't going to stand on a soapbox, burn our bra or beat the drum. Instead we can support you in providing customised programs, group coaching or lunch and learns for your women - those with star potential!

3 Red Folders and Why You Might Want To Bookmark Us!

We work with mid sized business who aren't making their numbers and don't know why or who want to differentiate themselves but don't quite know how. Finding and keeping the clients they REALLY want is what it's all about! If you want to become a respected industry resource - we will bring SCIENCE BACKED, EVIDENCE BASED sales approaches that will ensure your people consistently embrace, engage and execute!


You may not have the time nor the tools to discover gaps that are holding you back and creating chokeholds in generating revenue. Gaps like processes and yes, even people!  So we will provide those tools and do the heavy lifting for you, up front and throughout. With a baseline of science and proven predictive validity, together we can tailor a personalised and customised pathway for you, your business, your team and your clients’ growth. These are two tools that underpin our pathway and provide you a foundation for growth, giving us both a platform for qualitative and quantitative ROI.

3 Red Folders, Bernadette McClelland


We evaluate and assess your team against world’s best practice when it comes to mindset, skillset and sales process.

Unleash untapped potential and objectively determine those who are costing you business, energy, relationships and dollars.

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3 Red Folders, Bernadette McClelland


Gain insights into your customer’s mind, what your customer perceives to be the business value you provide them and learn how to change your language, your questions and your marketing copy.

It will ensure you nail your message to market and your relevance.

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Once you know what’s working well, what’s not working as well as it could be and what is being overworked, we will create and customise a pathway that could include workshops, masterclasses, webinars and/or group coaching programs to suit only those who need it. This will maximise your training dollar and be a motivating factor in adult learning and more importantly execution in the field. These are the three pillars we believe generate maximum success for our clients.

3 Red Folders, Bernadette McClelland



Designed to hone in on FINDING THE RIGHT KIND OF CLIENTS, our focus is on business growth through lead generation. We review all kinds of prospecting from direct mail, LinkedIn, the telephone and beyond. We roll our sleeves up and create clarity around the metrics and pipeline activities needed to achieve your growth targets in this area. This is highly experiential and hands on.

3 Red Folders, Bernadette McClelland



A business development program created for sales professionals, business owners and those in non traditional revenue generating roles to understand the psychology behind buying and selling. In using world best practice tools we highlight new patterns of thinking, effective negotiation beliefs, greater questioning, influence and story-telling skills, positively impacting a company’s position in the market.

3 Red Folders, Bernadette McClelland



An approach based on research, trends and client experience, we address the competencies needed for businesses in this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) economy. We bring sales leadership into the new age by looking at critical thinking, mental readiness and executive function, integrating business process with behaviour and the brain.


An Olympic athlete does not achieve through osmosis. Nor through reading a book. Only through developing the individual further through focussed coaching and mentoring around process, behaviours, key performance activities and mindset is where the rubber hits the road. This is the most important key in achieving your outcomes, because training alone is not as effective. 71% Of CEOs identified human capital as a key source of sustained economic value. Our system ensures you will consistently achieve economic value and more.

3 Red Folders, Bernadette McClelland


We provide Executive and Leadership Coaching. We also provide individual coaching and mentoring for sales professionals, and group coaching for teams locally or remotely and includes ride-alongs, role plays, webinars, hot seats and client visits.
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3 Red Folders, Bernadette McClelland


Once a project is complete, our clients in leadership roles have the opportunity to enrol in our advocacy program over a 12 month period for a nominal fee continuing access, idea generation and accountability for their business. This is an invitation only service.
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Depending on the scope of work needed and your desire to explore additional growth, we are able to incorporate complementary ideas and insights to support your business, your team and your leadership even more. Please contact us to have that exploratory conversation.

NB: EVENT MANAGERS – for Keynote Speaking and Conference Presentations, please call us or visit our speaker site at BernadetteMcClelland.com

Are You Our Typical Client? We Hope So!

'No company can afford to think, act and behave the same way as they did in the past. Customer Experience is key, Sales Performance is crucial and Leadership, both professional and personal, underpins both.``

We work with small to mid businesses with revenues in excess of 10 million dollars. Our clients are in the Manufacturing and ICT fields and sell hardware based products and capital equipment. We also work with Professional Services that are wanting to create an everyone sells culture. Both groups have 3 main concerns:

  1. Not having consistent sales results
  2. Not entirely sure of their sales processes to achieve those results and
  3. Desperately trying to lead a team and hold them accountable to their results, especially in this time of uncertainty so they can generate a culture of high performance and growth.

Companies we have worked with [see case studies] have increased top and bottom line results, added 30% revenue increase in one case, doubled revenue on a project in another case and blitzed their client advocacy scores in yet another another. Our best practice system will ensure you win as well!

B2B Sales Roles Lost by 2020 (Forrester)
Budgets Not Being Met (CSO Insights)
SME Businesses Close Their Doors In First 3 Years (ABS)

Why You'll Love Working With Us


We Do The Lifting!

We partner with companies that offer worlds best practice when it comes to leadership and sales performance. This ensures that you get customised learnings and execution that are 100% relevant to you and also ensures we offer you enough variety and social proof that you feel more than comfortable.


We're Brain Based!

We don’t just offer growth and development from a skills and behavioural perspective, we go the extra yard and include the ‘real’ reason why we do or don’t execute and that is understanding who we are from a science based perspective giving more accountability and meaning.


We're Hands On!

Working with a boutique agency has its positives. One of our values is ‘generosity’, and we ensure that our hands on customer experience produces the wow! factor before, during and after our engagement. This intention of ours differentiates us and makes you feel confident in your decision, too.


And...We Get You!

We are salespeople and have also held leadership roles. What this means is ‘we get you’. We understand the blocked pipelines, the uncertainty of holding a team accountable, the fear of stepping into a leadership role and so much more – that’s why we will talk your language and help you play a bigger game!

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Ask Us About Our Complementary Sales Performance Audit

There is no greater wealth than wisdom, no greater poverty than ignorance; no greater heritage than culture and no greater support than consultation.

What is the cost of a 15 minute discussion and comprehensive audit around your businesses sales processes and team’s behaviour? In some cases, what is the cost of NOT spending 15 minutes? We might ask you to join us, but if we are not right for you and you are not right for us then we will bid you a fond farewell. In the meantime though, you will most certainly receive some ideas throughout the conversation. #Generosity is one of our values, remember? Want to know the others? Then check our manifesto and values below.

Meet The Two Faces of 3 Red Folders

3 Red Folders, Bernadette McClelland

Bernadette McClelland


Having held senior business development roles in Corporate Australia, owning a 7 figure family business and successfully helping a variety of businesses for nearly 3 decades, large and small, locally and globally, Bernadette McClelland has a strength for seeing patterns in people’s thinking and behaviours. This passion for human potential guarantees she gets you! She is a respected industry resource poised to help grow your people and your business so you can do more of what you are paid to do.
3 Red Folders, Bernadette McClelland, Danielle McClelland

Danielle McClelland

Business Manager

Having spent a decade in the RAAF, Danielle’s leadership roles crossed information and communications, as well as training and recruitment. In swapping her Sargent’s cams to pursue a career in sales and management in the corporate world, and bringing a wealth of experience, service and disciplines brought from military based VUCA environments, she is responsible for managing the business operations for 3 Red Folders to support their clients even more.

The Manifesto of 3 Red Folders

Open your mind and think with depth,

Open your heart and lead with love,

Open your hands and work with intent,

You are here, right now, because this assignment called ‘leadership’, or ‘business’, or ‘entrepreneurialism’ showed up, and you said, ‘YES!’

Not because you’re great, not to make money, not to change the world, not to build a business – but because it stared you down, you stared it back and deep in your soul, your being and your essence, you knew it was your turn to create.

Many will never get you, many will walk away, many will stay within the confines of their status quo worlds, many will question your intent and only a few who cross your path will be cut from the same cloth.

In parallel, you may not ‘get you’ at times, you may also want to turn on your heels and drop anchor in a comfortable place, from where you know you will forever regret settling, and you may more often than not, question where you are going and what you are doing.

It is you ChangeMakers, who want to give and grow and continue to create, yet have no logical reason for choosing this path, except to say ‘it is in you’!

You are our people.

We are not only on assignment with you; we are you…

And we are here to conspire for your success – together!

What's Important To Us

Integration – We keep our brain and our body healthy for optimal performance.

Ethics – We think principles and values are important in addition to maximising results

Generosity – We provide resources to others without hesitation

Curiosity – We like to seek alternative options by asking awesome questions

Influence – We ask others what they want before talking about what we want

Get In Touch!

We are looking forward to start a project with you!

The first step begins with a conversation… let’s have that soon!


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